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(2019-02-17, 02:13)chrissix Wrote: Question: 

I read your tutorials and wiki's more often, but found nothing about whether there are restrictions on naming.

Can a "-" not be used in naming? Other letters also not usable?
Must the word used as a prefix always be written together?
The artwork name must be alphanumeric. This rule is noted in the wiki.
(2019-02-17, 02:13)chrissix Wrote: I have integrated soundtracks (ost's, scores) into my movie folders, and also into my skin
Now i use a folder "soundtrack" in the movie folder in there is a folder.jpg and sometimes a discart1.jpg and discart2.jpg
I wouldn't use the library artwork for this, I'd suggest this be implemented in an add-on that keeps a separate database of soundtrack info/art.
(2019-02-17, 02:13)chrissix Wrote: The following picture looks pretty messy, but am I on the right track? and/or is this the only way to get to my goal?
Yup, that's the way to do it. In the future I would like an option to move all artwork and info for every media type into a separate directory structure, like the new "Artist information folder" for music artists.
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