Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-02-20, 22:04)chrissix Wrote: - I came very late that this button is also to activate. In my understanding, this only applies to the old naming conventions (disc.png, logo.png, character.png) But that also affects the extrafanart folder, i have to figure it out first.

Not quite a bug because I'm sure I did that on purpose, but that is an unnecessary complication that I can change.
(2019-02-20, 22:04)chrissix Wrote: Would this also work if the files in extrafanart folder have different random names? (8rqJB3Nc2z5q0T6ZVXRXbAsQRGV.jpg)
Does it pick ub by if files are there + how are named (fanart0-9.jpg), or
only pick ub by files are there (random named)

Yes, Artwork Beef will add randomly named files in the extrafanart directory. It will add those to the list after any fanart or fanart# next to the media file.
(2019-02-20, 22:04)chrissix Wrote: When i set the counter of fanarts to 10:
all ok (but the counter is 10, but it's pickung up all fanart+fanart0-9=11?)

But when i make the same via context menu ADD MISSING ARTWORK:
it's picking main fanart+fanart0-8.jpg = in kodi main fanart+fanart1-9

 I'll have to investigate this difference further.

The slots shown in Kodi's "Choose art" dialog are not connected to Artwork Beef configuration. That only lists artwork types in the library.
(2019-02-20, 22:32)chrissix Wrote: But suddenly, thumbnails for the movies showed up (whether it's a Kodi fallback or skin fallback I do not know)
They are completely the same thumbnails as file thumbnails in File Explorer in the OS. (Windows Explorer)

Kodi generates thumbs for a movie when viewed in the library if the skin asks for a thumb and there is no poster.
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