Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-03-10, 01:36)chrissix Wrote: @Jumpy73 

You are confusing a few settings.
For what you want to do no -prefix settings are needed. Forget that. This only affects the movie main folder.

You have to activate all these 3 checkboxes for extrafanarts in extrafanarts folder.

Read the first half of post #778 and you become enlightened
Just for the record, before writing the post I had carefully read the wiki page of addon. There all seemed to be understandable and intuitive.
Now I have read the post you mentioned (#778) and I have understood that the configuration is a bit buggy and, above all, those bugs will be addressed and hopefully solved for the next release upgrade.

Came back to us...

 1) I have new movies to add to the library and I want Artwork beef to fill the library database and to download locally all the arts I choosed. Regarding the local downloading, I want all the before mentioned arts to be stored as follow (no more nor less than how it worked before, simply to not change anything done in the past):
     + single image arts in the main movie folder
     + multi images arts (ex. the extrafanarts) in the specific extrafanart folder, except for the first fanart to be stored in the main movie folder

 2) I want the fanart and extrafanarts to be cycled properly when I select any skin view where extrafanart option menu is enabled

 1) How do I have to configure Artwork beef settings in order to satisfy the two before mentioned needs? (probably how in
 2) Which Actions do I have to follow to do it?
     if I run " add missing artwork for all videos (new, old, and all in between)", I expected the library to be updated and new artworks, not yet available locally, downloaded from web services and stored locally, as per configuration settings of 1) point
 3) if I want to generate nfo files for future use, I export the movie library. When kody asks me for downloading artist, fanarts files and overwrite current files, What do I have to do?
     do these choices interfere in any way with a good final result (a clean movie folder organization and a right number of files with the choosen naming convention) or not?

I hope I have been understandable because I'm not native english

Many tks and regards
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