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(2019-04-03, 13:09)cscott1 Wrote: Hello fellow Kodi friends. I just want to say I love AB and have a question. For the most part AB does a great job of pulling artwork for my Kodi library. I have noticed that some images are not pulled from Fanart TV Clearlogos for some TV shows for example I know they are in Fanart TV Britannia, Arm and Tacoma FD are a few that I downloaded manually from Fanart TV just curious why most items but not all are pulled?

Your problem has nothing to do with ArtworkBeef, the problem with "Britania" is on
The ID differs:
70484 on TMDB (Fanart.Tv always compares ID's with TMDB also on TvShows, Fanart.Tv do nothing with TVDB)
320827 on Fanart.Tv

Sometimes TMDB ID's are changing and on Fanart.Tv is no System to change that backwards, or the member who set the ID on Fanart.Tv was just tired.
Currently you have to download the arts manually, request it to Fanart.Tv to correct ID to get fanart over api access again.

Try the same comparison with other Media you have problems, just visit their websites and on the link adress bar you see the ID's
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