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(2019-04-11, 08:36)Comma Wrote: "Preload local video / music library artwork to texture cache", doesen't work for me the message I'm getting is "0 Artwork cached".
I have all artwork located next to the video files and the artwork caches fine when scraping the hdd, my goal here is to be able to restore a Kodi backup without the thumbnails folder and then preload/cache the artwork from hdd to Kodi, am I understanding this feature correct?
I have enabled the "Web Server" setting Artwork Beef asked me to.

Hope it's just a user error, appreciate all the help.

EDIT: It does indeed work I was confused about the "0 Artwork cached" message.
The automatically preload local artwork option when will that happen? Right now I am looking at the progress bar and can't do anything once I hit back the preload stops.

I had the same problem now in the previous version, but it worked once fine in this version.
What ive done:
  • deleted thumbnails folder
  • Updated AB to actual version and tried -> not worked
  • deleted thumbnails folder
  • deleted AB addon and AB addon userdata, new fresh install, set settings new and tried -> not worked
  • deleted thumbnails folder
  • deleted Textures13.db and tried -> and its working again

I can not really explain why it finally worked again and whether the textures13.db ever with AB in any connection. I recommend to delete the textures13.db only to try if you know what you are doing there.
Also to say that one can only really determine whether the pre-caching works if the thumbnails folder is emptied as possible and not infinitely large and always checks in the properties at folder size if it gets bigger.
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