Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-04-11, 18:57)chrissix Wrote:
(2019-04-11, 08:36)Comma Wrote: "Preload local video / music library artwork to texture cache", doesen't work for me the message I'm getting is "0 Artwork cached".
I have all artwork located next to the video files and the artwork caches fine when scraping the hdd, my goal here is to be able to restore a Kodi backup without the thumbnails folder and then preload/cache the artwork from hdd to Kodi, am I understanding this feature correct?
I have enabled the "Web Server" setting Artwork Beef asked me to.

Hope it's just a user error, appreciate all the help.

EDIT: It does indeed work I was confused about the "0 Artwork cached" message.
The automatically preload local artwork option when will that happen? Right now I am looking at the progress bar and can't do anything once I hit back the preload stops.

I had the same problem now in the previous version, but it worked once fine in this version.
What ive done:
  • deleted thumbnails folder
  • Updated AB to actual version and tried -> not worked
  • deleted thumbnails folder
  • deleted AB addon and AB addon userdata, new fresh install, set settings new and tried -> not worked
  • deleted thumbnails folder
  • deleted Textures13.db and tried -> and its working again
I can not really explain why it finally worked again and whether the textures13.db ever with AB in any connection. I recommend to delete the textures13.db only to try if you know what you are doing there.
Also to say that one can only really determine whether the pre-caching works if the thumbnails folder is emptied as possible and not infinitely large and always checks in the properties at folder size if it gets bigger.  
Thanks for you reply @chrissix, I also got it working after deleting thumbnails folder and texturesXX.db
I just wish it would preload in the background while watching a movie and not have watch the process bar slowing moving, but it ended all well it is a wonderful addon, thanks to @rmrector
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