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(2019-04-14, 17:05)DaveBlake Wrote: I think for v19 we need to add a new multi image control that rather than passing a path you give an art type as a parameter e.g. "poster" or "fanart" and we get core to cycle all the loaded images for that item with type "poster1",  "poster2", "poster3" etc. How does that sound to you?
Can you please describe a bit more "deeper" you mean? My english skills are limited.

I think it's very important to have a function where you can choose if you can either include or exclude the "main art" of an arttype.

For example, with extrafanart I liked to include the main fanart.
But with extraposter and extrakeyart I like the main poster and the main keyart exclude.
poster1-X without poster.jpg and keyart1-X.jpg without keyart.jpg

If you take a look at this showcase, then this purpose will make some sense. I combined there extraposter with extrakeyart(+clearlogoastitle). 
Either extraposter, or extrakeyart were placed in local artwork, neither both, otherwise it would collide in skin.
That's only experimental stuff, nothing for public purposes...
(Vid speed is 300%)
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