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(2019-04-14, 15:43)manfeed Wrote: @rmrector 

I adapted my skin Aeon Tajo to work with your new approach for artworks with fadelabels according to

It works well, only glitch for me was when there was only one image available, in that case the same image kept repeating itself, but there was a small -though noticeable- fade on/off on the image every "x" seconds (when the image was set to change in the fadelabel). Then I started to try a new method and I would like to know your opinion about it; instead of the fadelabel I use this:

... MyVideoNav.xml, after that I only need to put an image control like this:

            <control type="image">
            <aspectratio aligny="bottom" align="center">keep</aspectratio>
            <texture background="true">$INFO[Container(9999).ListItem.Label]</texture>
            </control> the xml's views to display the rotating fanarts, I don't even need to use a multiimage control and the image keeps steady when there's only one.

It seems to work well, but I don't know whether there could be any downside that I'm not aware of...


The fadelabel trick has a randomization option, but that's the only downside I see.
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