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I wonder if you can help me; I'm using LibreELEC, I've updated to Leia as of today and I'm using the Aeon MQ8 skin. I've just found out that artwork downloader is no longer supported and so switched to artwork beef.

In the past I used a script called artwork organizer, this stuck all my images in a central, well organised area (the first letter of each file has its own folder); I then mounted this using an NFS share (mounted to /storage/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails on the OS).

This has caused all manner of problems since using artwork beef as the storage method and naming structure is entirely different. The frontend problems are: the same fanart is used for about 75% of my videos (a couple of specific files), the posters frequently fail to load in a timely fashion or fail to load at all and worse yet when scanning for new artwork I'm unable to watch anything as images are being written to the same NFS share rather than an independent mount (granted this is a latency issue, but still it's a fresh problem).

These are all new problems which I think could be easily resolved either by code or support.
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