Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-05-01, 03:50)rmrector Wrote: Anything other than Kodi dinking with userdata/Thumbnails is a recipe for trouble. Clean up all of that and try again. If you are still having trouble, read the bottom of the first post.

Artwork Beef generally doesn't support downloading artwork to an alternate folder. 
Just to be clear:

* You don't support alternate paths for storing images (I'm sure this will be lots of fun when I'm not the user who has multiple media files with the same name in a flat folder).
* You don't support the official kodi add on (artwork organizer), despite serious performance benefits when using network paths.
* You think proper file organisation is a bad idea (slap it in the same directory as the file location right?).
* Despite my concerns about files being written to incorrect locations, you think deleting everything and starting again is a viable solution (I think I've been quite clear about the problem and why this didn't previous occur - so I'm a little upset your solution is to "clean up all of that" which obviously doesn't address the actual problem).
* You want a kodi debug log to demonstrate a problem relating to simultaneous r/w over a network path (I assume this is what you mean by "read the bottom of the first post" again I think I've been very clear about this; there's no problem with the python or the OS; this relates to latency problems which would not be detected in a log - nor do I see how attaching a log would offer any resolution to the actual problem, which you aren't able to address in code without resolving the first two bullet points).

Looks like I'm forking. Best of luck with your code.
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