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(2019-06-30, 10:26)sniferx1 Wrote:
(2019-05-31, 02:51)chrissix Wrote: To scan animated artwork in your kodi is not a problem at all.

@chrissix I did tried above with Artwork beef but not a single Animated poster got downloaded. Can you inform me a Movie that works for you?

Also what Skin you recommend for Animated Posters? a few lines afterwards...
Quote:But before you have to put and name the artworks manually nearby you have storaged your other artworks dependent on wich system you have chosen.
If all your artwork has moviefilename prefix then "moviefilename-animatedposter.gif","moviefilename-animatedfanart.gif", if your other artwork is named without prefix just name "animatedposter.gif","animatedfanart.gif"
"Scanning" artwork into kodi is not the same like "Downloading"!
"Downloading+Scanning" is only possible with standard artwork types, Scanning is possible with whatever you want - that's what the "ADDITIONAL ART TYPES" settings are for.

BTW if you really want to know how animated stuff work currently read this whole post 2864578 (post)
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