Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-07-08, 03:38)rmrector Wrote: Artwork Beef updated to 0.24.0KyraDB is supported, and brings characterart and basic support for animated posters and fanart for movies. A User key from KyraDB is required for this artwork.

Animated artwork MUST BE downloaded. Kodi won't play animated artwork from web URLs nor "smb://" or "nfs://" mounted LAN shares, they must be stored on device-local storage or mounted at the OS level. Artwork Beef will only download animated artwork next to the media files like any other artwork, it doesn't copy them to device-local storage like Skin Helper Service would. I'm not a big fan of the current performance no matter where they are stored, but AB is doing its thing.

@rmrector  Thanks million for this feature. Want to check anyway just to scan for animated posters? Reason is I have done so many adhoc selections for 3000+ movies and I don't want all reset back to default when I scan for animated posters. If a way available it will he a huge help//// If not I will scan one by one just for missing ARTWORK..
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