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I tried the same movie and all is functional fine!
All AnimatedPoster/AnimatedFanart/Characterart for Movie is equal to KyraDB and i can download them to local and see them.
On Context Menu -> Manage -> AB: Select Artwork: On all these ArtworkTypes i have to wait 5 seconds in average to see a preview. Once loaded the preview is faster.
All GIF stuff (AnimatedPoster/AnimatedFanart) you will only see the first frame on preview! If several available simply try it out manually!
That's a technical limitation. If you also want to have the preview animated (regardless of whether technically possible), the traffic on KyraDB would explode into the immeasurable.

Be aware for all this Artwork Types you need native skin support or you are a bit advanced in manual .xml implementation.
If your skin doesn't support this, you can download and browse all the stuff in ArtworkBeef, but will never see them in your skin.

AnimatedPoster and AnimatedFanart are supported by several skins as a own Artwork Type.
Characterart for Movies is relative new, the Aeon MQ Mods have a basic implementaion and the AEON Tajo as first a full implementation.
More skins follow...
Support in their related Skin threads.

-> AnimatedPoster Thread
-> AnimatedFanart Thread (a animated Tutorial is here on first post)
-> Characterart for Movies Thread

Made an extended test, now context menu choose art only:
The implementation works perfectly and has one in one the same scope as the implementation of Fanart.TV
It's not the fastest, but it's because of that KyraDB is shared host and not a dedicated host (until now!)
KyraDB is now also available for general audience by ArtworkBeef, chances that KyraDB and their custom ArtworkTypes have a future increased.

A big added value for Kodi and all Artwork fans!
Excellent work! Worrking Fine!

Testing phase 2:

Previous only tried the choose artwork context menu, now i tried the bulk/batch -> add missing art for...

I also tried a lot now the bulk/batch download/scan function (add missing artwork for...)
On first try for animatedfanart i had errors on every movie where a animatedfanart was placed and scanned in before.
I removed it and refreshed the movie entry the this would wiped out.
Then all worked fine!

On try on animatedposter i had no errors but also no single download.
But then i saw on -> Remove artwork for media type -> movies -> animatedposter, that there is already a lot scanned in.
I had not known that if i set animated poster under custom artwork to add, it will also scan in the skinhelper metadataautils animatedposter.
In any case, I then deleted all -> Remove artwork for media type -> movies -> animatedposter.
Then all worked fine!

Can you reproduce that?

In fact I probably would have only had to press animatedposter and animated fanart -> remove artwork for media type and then everything would have worked right away.
Didn't tested out the bulk/batch feature with characterarts, only the context menu choose artwork option.
For example, if I set 3 charactertarts, they will be downloaded and scanned in as desired. ->characterart,1,2
But if i select the KyraDB slots again in context menu i get duplicates only higher numbered. ->characterart3,4,5

Is that normal desired behavior, can you reproduce that?

Why animatedfanart a multislot...
I understand very well why animapedposter is a single slot, and characterart multislot.
But with animatedfanart I was initially sure you made a mistake because I had never tested a skin that can, and I was sure it could only be a single slot on implementation.

But then I discovered the ultimate killer feature, the most brilliant idea you ever had:
i can combine fanart1,2,3 ... jpg and animatedfanart1,2,3 ... gif., playing in a random sideshow! (Skinning .xml provided)
Really very ingenious and looks very very good!
Finally, for me personally rather useless artwork type animatedfanart has now a sense and great added value!

I tried to combine with this code:
plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/listitem/?refresh=$INFO[ListItem.DBID]&&arttype=fanart ....animatedfanart
...tried several syntax and more, but failed, ArtworkHelper doesn't support combining arttypes as general
Then (not preferred but only functional) i made the usual &&amp
plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/?image=$INFO[Container.ListItem.Art(fanart)]&&image=$INFO[Container.ListItem.Art(animatedfanart)].......and a lot longer.......

It's working now, but the code is that much long i have really fear that it will be slower performance or i get again the "fanart is returning no value" bug when using such long stuff.

Any chance to implement in ArtworkHelper a code to combine also general arttypes?
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