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(2019-07-08, 18:39)SteveSmith Wrote: I am a little confused as to what AB is supposed to do with the animated Posters and Fanart if available for a movie.
I have put in the keys needed for KyraDB.
So will AB now download the animated Poster to the movie directory and do I then need to manually change from the one that is populated automatically to the Animated Poster?
Are any other changes required to .xml files as It isnt downloading anything for me.
Read the first post here to know the possibilities how Animated Stuff in your Skin could work -> 2864578 (post)
In wich of this ways your Skin does support the things described there you have to inform in the skin related thread.

This ArtworkBeef integration is for local artwork, you have no longer to manually place your animated stuff, it's now the same way automated as with
This has nothing to do with the SkinHelperService Metadataautils stuff -> 1st way in link
This is only for the use of local artwork as -> 2nd way in link

For example in Aeon MQ7 it's working immediatly for AnimatedPoster (since 2015)
But for AnimatedFanart you have to change in IncludesVariables.xml all this code:
to this:

...more support in the Skin related threads!
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