Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-07-08, 16:15)chrissix Wrote: I also tried a lot now the bulk/batch download/scan function (add missing artwork for...)
On first try for animatedfanart i had errors on every movie where a animatedfanart was placed and scanned in before.
I removed it and refreshed the movie entry the this would wiped out.
Then all worked fine!

I didn't encounter any such error in this situation, so I can't say what your error was, but there are many things that can go wrong here. The exact message would help me narrow it down.
(2019-07-08, 16:15)chrissix Wrote: I had not known that if i set animated poster under custom artwork to add, it will also scan in the skinhelper metadataautils animatedposter.

SHS puts the animated artwork in the library itself, I'm pretty sure. Artwork Beef doesn't do anything special for SHS, but will leave any artwork that currently exists in the library.
(2019-07-08, 16:15)chrissix Wrote: Didn't tested out the bulk/batch feature with characterarts, only the context menu choose artwork option.
For example, if I set 3 charactertarts, they will be downloaded and scanned in as desired. ->characterart,1,2
But if i select the KyraDB slots again in context menu i get duplicates only higher numbered. ->characterart3,4,5

Is that normal desired behavior, can you reproduce that?

Ya, that is by design. If you don't want an image in there twice, don't select it twice. It doesn't happen in automatic mode, new multi- artwork just won't be added if any are already saved locally.
(2019-07-08, 16:15)chrissix Wrote: But then I discovered the ultimate killer feature, the most brilliant idea you ever had:
i can combine fanart1,2,3 ... jpg and animatedfanart1,2,3 ... gif., playing in a random sideshow! (Skinning .xml provided)
Really very ingenious and looks very very good!
Finally, for me personally rather useless artwork type animatedfanart has now a sense and great added value!
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