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(2019-07-13, 04:25)rmrector Wrote: Right, so posters are missing. KyraDB doesn't provide a language field so I naively picked 'unknown' as a placeholder, but Artwork Beef wants to match languages for most images.

I can default them to English, but it turns out KyraDB does have 'No language' animated posters as well, so it would be nice if Artwork Beef were able to tell the difference between the two - 'animatedkeyart' is so close!

I need more details on the fanart problem. Can you list a few movies with multiple fanart that I can experiment with?
For now you can default everything to English. If you want to I can add a language key and value to the json output (it will always be English, but it's possible).

If a textless animated poster is a different art type, why not treat it as such?
It won’t be a problem to mark it differently in the database. I don’t think a language tag should be used for it.
Animated posters and backgrounds, character art can be found here
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