Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-07-13, 23:23)scott967 Wrote: I did another test and moved the moviesetname-poster.jpg from the collectionsubfolder to the parent central location folder.
When movie set artwork is in sub directories the artwork name is just "poster.jpg", the short name.
(2019-07-15, 20:51)rschiks Wrote: If a textless animated poster is a different art type, why not treat it as such?
It won’t be a problem to mark it differently in the database. I don’t think a language tag should be used for it.
In the general case, a poster is a poster whether it has text / title / logo on it or not. Language metadata on a poster that describes the text on that poster works just fine, as does "null" or similar when there is no text thus no meaningful language to specify.

We have a more specific use case here in Kodi front-end land - it is helpful to have the static images available separately as keyart (posters without text) can be used nicely as a background object while posters (with text) in the background can be distracting, and animated versions will have similar distinctions.

But the point of that was "it would be nice if Artwork Beef were able to tell the difference between the two" in the API results, however you want to do it.
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