Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-07-16, 08:03)willburstyle06 Wrote: So i ran the program with everything turned off  except clear logo and disc art and it still replaced a lot of my poster and fan art somehow. Good job artwork beef, now I have to go back through and fix the art for like 200 movies

Artwork Beef is designed not to replace image files and there haven't been any reports of such a thing for some time. Did you get this number from the popup message or artwork-report.txt, or have you noticed many of your posters changing? I do intend for this not to happen, and while I can't really undo anything that happened to your library, with some more detail from you I may be able to fix AB so it doesn't happen to others.

Note that I mean it won't replace artwork files that already exist locally, but there are a couple of cases where artwork that is linked by a URL to the web service can change. Local artwork is preferred, so if you had a URL in the Kodi library and an image file next to your media it will replace the URL. AB can also "clean up" a few URLs to account for URL changes the web services have made since AB was created, but URLs changed this way should still point to the same image.
(2019-07-16, 08:21)jonsnow30 Wrote: Hi All
I have a small issue/quastio, sorry if it has been asked before but in many occasions artwork beef is prefered to download a picture from the movie as Fanart rather than the official fanart which is also included in moviedb, is there a flag i can check in the settings so that i will get the official's movies fanart as priority one?

I'm using Titan Bingie. with Kodi 18.


No, there is no way to differentiate between them automatically.
(2019-07-20, 04:53)Crimsondragon72 Wrote: I am having an issue with artbeef finding art for my movies in my library I keep getting an error and it says it needs some animated file thisonly happens for movies tv show works fine is this a new issue or is there a fix for this I am on an adroid box version of Kodi

If you are seeing this message when running Artwork Beef automatically then this is happening because animated artwork or characterart is selected in settings but no KyraDB user key is entered in the Advanced tab. This message popping up when running manually with no KyraDB user key is a bug I will fix in the next version.
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