Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-07-27, 06:47)Karellen Wrote: I would be putting them back into their folders as that is the method Kodi v19 will use, as shown in that link I provided earlier.

The screenshot looks fine. I would expect that maybe one or two would not work due to a difference in name. The fact that none work indicates a wrong setting somewhere.

Can you provide...
1. Debug Log that captures an Update Library and the scanning by Artwork Beef
2. The "artwork-report.txt" from \userdata\addon_data\script.artwork.beef... Userdata (wiki)
3. Screenshot of Artwork Beef settings for Movie Sets
Ill give it a shot tomorrow as its late and its on my nvidia shield. I will mention that it is pulling the files via NFS from my Synology NAS. Could this have anything to do with it? It has pulled them correctly in the past before I re-did my movie collection on my new NAS. Previously it was pulling from a HD attached to the shield and even at one point it was pulling from PlexKodiConnect via some hard drives attached to my desktop pc. In both of those instances it mostly pulled the set art correctly with few exceptions.

As a side note. This is a fresh kodi install and new library on my shield.
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