Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-07-30, 01:38)chrissix Wrote:
(2019-07-30, 01:00)djdirty60 Wrote: For me not working anyting
Own testing...

animatedposter.gif -> not working since implementation cause a problem with language tag, hope it will be fixed next release
animatedfanart.gif -> partial working, it skips a lot of entries, on every new run i get new content downloaded - the bulk ran a few minutes ago and got new downloads, definitely connection to KyraDB API. 
characterart.png -> not tested
Context Menu:
animatedposter.gif -> working see video - but i still don't see for any strange reason the today to KyraDB API added Avengers: Endgame (2019) animatedposter.gif
animatedfanart.gif -> working see video
characterart.png -> working see video

When I run the following curl command to get the animated images for Avengers: Endgame:

curl -i -H "Application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" -H "Userkey: {your user key}" -H "Apikey: {your api key}" ""

it outputs the following:

{"error":0,"message":"successful","number_of_posters":2,"posters":[{"name":"0172fe1a11c1a2d0a146cd8ccb08092e5c2e27f6d6ac0786264aeb450d4931031.gif","resolution":"500 x 713","width":"500","height":"713","language":"unknown","date_added":"2019-07-29 20:38:48"},{"name":"7328b0a563048b1223c91165649855ac171df366f2558ab3d61988065458f7751.gif","resolution":"500 x 713","width":"500","height":"713","language":"english","date_added":"2019-07-29 20:37:16"}],"number_of_backgrounds":0,"backgrounds":[],"base_url_posters":"https:\/\/\/posters\/w342","base_url_backgrounds":"https:\/\/\/backgrounds\/original","base_url_character_art":"https:\/\/\/characters\/original","base_url_character_posters":"https:\/\/\/posters\/original","base_url_actor_art":"https:\/\/\/actors\/original","base_url_logos":"https:\/\/\/logos\/original","timezone_str":"Europe\/London","timezone":"GMT"}
Animated posters and backgrounds, character art can be found here
Get Kyra for Kodi 2 here
Get Kyra for Trakt here
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