Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-08-03, 19:27)rmrector Wrote:
(2019-08-01, 01:20)sniferx1 Wrote: AB keep hanging and crashing on KODI OSMC running on VERO4K+.

Your ridiculously sized logs don't show any crashes. Artwork Beef has to look at all items in your library, and yes it is slow with large libraries on that class of ARM processor. A change in version "0.23.4" increased the time a bit to reduce memory usage.
(2019-08-01, 01:20)sniferx1 Wrote: Also another user experience issue is even I don't want to use the  Kyradb each time I manual scan AM keeping sending a message Kyradb API key missing... good to give an option to users to TURN this off / on....

Already fixed in 0.25.0.
(2019-08-01, 01:20)sniferx1 Wrote: AB Logs:

The error in your Artwork Beef log is because you have "characterart" enabled for movies, which is also only available from KyraDB. 
@rmrector  Thank for the TIP. I have set it as 0 and all working fine and no issues now..... Better to check for performance of KyraDB APIs as when I disable all now all back to normal with Movies and thanks for your help as always.
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