Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Not sure why but I am getting this error on both a Win10 machine, and Android.

2019-08-04 13:39:45.138 T:20098   ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<--
                                             - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS!
                                            Error Type: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>
                                            Error Contents: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''
                                            Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/", line 393, in <module>
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/", line 104, in run
                                                successful = self.process_allvideos(self.processed.is_stale)
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/", line 254, in process_allvideos
                                                return self.processor.process_medialist(items)
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/lib/", line 232, in process_medialist
                                                return self.process_chunkedlist([medialist], 1, alwaysnotify)
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/lib/", line 247, in process_chunkedlist
                                                self._process_chunk(medialist, len(medialist) == 1 and not idx, alwaysnotify)
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/lib/", line 270, in _process_chunk
                                                services_hit = self._process_item(mediaitem, singleitem)
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/lib/", line 309, in _process_item
                                                services_hit, error = self.gatherer.getartwork(mediaitem, onlyfs, auto)
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/lib/", line 27, in getartwork
                                                mediaitem.uniqueids, mediaitem.missingart)
                                              File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.artwork.beef/lib/", line 94, in get_external_artwork
                                                if int(season) not in seasons:
                                            ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''
                                            -->End of Python script error report<--
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