Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-08-04, 23:02)Snapcase Wrote: I looked at the logs and in my case I was getting two crashes, one with season numbers being empty, and another with images being empty. I did a quick work around to just skip instead of crash on those cases, but I'm not sure it's an appropriate fix since I know nothing about the TVDB API and artwork beef's code base, and as long as the TVDB's status is in flux... who knows

While I was looking at the debug logs for that, I saw that KyraDB was complaining about API & user keys even though I have a user key set. If you set your Personal kyraDB API key in the "in case of emergency" section along with your userkey in the other section it works fine. I opened an issue  because I don't know the expected behaviour.

You need to have two keys set, the API key and User key (both are different values), for the API to work.
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