Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Voting System (for prefer on bulk/batch) for all KyraDB artwork types is now in place (animatedposter.gif, animatedkeyart.gif, animatedfanart(x).gif, characterart(x).gif)
Please help voting to get the best results first on bulk/batch, you just need a KyraDB account and ready to go (all free)
For most known AAA franchises (MCU Movies, Star Wars, X-Men) already the first votes delivered.

Also the announced base pack of the well sorted KyraDB Character Poster Sets thread are now all uploaded in KyraDB, online and avaiable over API.
For an overview here is a list of the first base pack. It will be continuously expanding.
Cause there are many movies with more than 1 set also with a vote system per set for prefer on bulk/batch.
When the last technical/functional questions of @rmrector and @rschiks are solved, i am looking forward to an early implementation.
If someone find a nice character poster set not yet catalogized and online you can request it here -> 345324 (thread)
Also the mention the first skin in kodi official repo @manfeed AEON TAJO already implemented in skin.
Others have expressed interest and are waiting for a final AB implementation.
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