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(2019-08-24, 15:10)chrissix Wrote:
(2019-08-24, 14:55)Axel Foley Wrote: I'm on 0.26 and since 0.25.x when I want to change a poster for a movie, the window that pops up that I used to select the poster doesn't give me any preview. Same thing for fanarts and other items. I'm on Kodi v19.
depending on your internet speed connection you have usually to wait some seconds each new preview artwork on focus.

Lately got several pm's from member with different AB errors. The only thing they all had in common is that they made a Kodi upgrade (or the same version installed above)
The problem got solved on all when not just reinstall AB in Kodi, instead try this way a complete and not just half refresh:
  • close kodi
  • Delete AB addon folder manual (C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.artwork.beef)
  • Delete AB addon data folder manual  (C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\script.artwork.beef)
  • open kodi and install AB from rector stuff repo

Not a delay problem. I already thought about it. Internet connection is fine.

As I already wrote, I tried reinstalling from scratch deleting the data folder too and reconfiguring it from scratch, same issue.

I think it might be some updates to Kodi v19 which broke something.
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