Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
I've been playing around with various settings in the addon. I want to save the selected fanart in my local server location, nothing in the client. A few questions:
1) I initially set up no. of fanart to be downloaded to 5. It indeed downloaded 5 fanart to my drive. After I changed the no. to 10 and hit -add missing artwork it never downloaded 5 more. I also tried reloading the movie from the info box, the same. I removed the movie from the library, shutdown Kodi, re added, re scanned  it-the same. Only when I removed the movie from the library, deleted all local artwork and rescanned did it add 10 fanart. Is this normal behavior?
2) I can see the movie set poster in the library, but it has not been downloaded to my drive next to the movie file. All relative options regarding downloading movie set fanart in the advanced settings have been checked. This is just a test movie from a set in its folder. I don't have any other movies from the set or a set folder. Where is this file and how can I also download it to the server location next to the movie file?
3) Is the "preload to cache" setting recommended in such a setup, or will it make the cache huge quickly?
4) How can we download more than just 1 fanart for the types that don't have a slider next to them (for example 2 banners or 2 clearlogos)?
Thanks in advance!
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