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(2019-11-06, 06:08)rmrector Wrote:
(2019-10-31, 17:25)monisriz Wrote: I am facing an issue with some TV shows where if an episode/season has been added (scrapped by Kodi's TVDB scraper) to the library before artwork (e.g. episode thumb, season poster) is available on TVDB, these artwork items do not get added after they are available on TVDB.

This is mostly for newly aired episodes as in some cases the artwork for new episodes/season take a couple of days to be added to TVDB. Artwork Beef works as expected and grabs the artwork if I manually refresh these items.

Artwork Beef mostly works like Kodi itself - information is only added when the item is scraped / processed. It won't repeatedly scrape items that already exist.
(2019-10-31, 17:25)monisriz Wrote: Also, what exactly qualifies as "old" items and how can I find them in the log i.e. is the verbiage any different when AB looks for old items?

"Old" items are defined by the time since last scanned by Artwork Beef. Roughly 16 or 32 weeks. They don't show different in the logs, but that's a good idea.
(2019-11-04, 13:00)nessus Wrote: Hi there

In my Bello skin i want to use a different layout of the select dialog when Artwork Beef it's open either from a script call or from context menu.

Is it possible to set a window(home) property every time the addon opens the select dialog and clear it when it's closed?. I can do that in skin code when the addon it's open from a script call in videoinfo window but i need this when the addon it's open from the context menu.

Yeah, I can do something with that. I'm not so sure about the other one, though.  

Thanks for the reply and the explanation.

So, what happens in a case (e.g. newly aired episode/season) where the episode/season level artwork is not yet available on TVDB/Fanart at the time when it gets added to Kodi library (e.g. via automated Sonarr setup) and subsequently scraped by Artwork Beef?

The artwork will become available a couple of days later but I don't see a way to have that artwork scraped and downloaded locally besides manually refreshing episodes with missing thumbs..

In such cases, will Artwork Beef look for the missing artwork (e.g. episode-thumb or season-poster) after they've been in the library for 16/32 weeks as you mentioned?

Can it be done that for new episodes/seasons AB will keep looking for missing artwork for x number of days before giving up? I noticed "processeditems.db" which I am guessing keeps track of the video items for which artwork has been obtained/processed by AB - can this db be leveraged for this purpose?

Sorry for a lot of questions and repetition. Smile
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