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(2019-12-25, 19:51)rmrector Wrote:
(2019-12-16, 13:49)Son_Of_Diablo Wrote: Hi,

There seems to be problem with setting central info directory for move set artwork in advanced settings. It seems that once the network location is set, you can’t change it to another location outside of that root file system. I was wanting to change it from an nfs location to a Windows mapped drive, and could not.

Also I noticed that even though in advanced settings I have the save artwork with movie file base name turned off, new artwork is named that way anyways.

Both work for me, I need more info to help you. Start with items 2, 4, and 5 at the bottom of the first post.  
Yes, the Central Info Directory partially works. Initially on first setup I selected an NFS location. Now when I try and change it, in the dialog that opens I can only navigate to the top of the file system of that NFS share. It will not let you select any other source location. As a work around I have to manually change it in the add on settings file.

On the other advanced option, SAVE MOVIE ARTWORK WITH MOVIE BASE FILE NAME, this may be just happening with character art and animated posters. Tonight though I ran on it on 2 new movies, and it worked as expected, so not sure what happened before.

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