Windows - HOW TO - Set up madVR for Kodi DSPlayer & External Players

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I am not able to view any movies. The working wheel just keeps spinning and the movie will not come up any more. can someone help me?
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Does your question have anything to do with madVR, DSPlayer and External Players as stated in the thread title?

If not, I will split you off, but you need to give me more information than that.

1. What version Kodi
2. What operating system is Kodi installed on
3. Where are your movies coming from- Local hard disk, Network storage or Internet. If internet, which add-ons are you using?
4. Provide a debug log. The instructions are in my signature. Use the Basic method. Once you have enabled debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging, restart Kodi then replicate the problem. In your case, try to play the movie. Once done upload to pastebin and link back here.

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Intrinsic to the guide. With the DisplayCAL program and Spyder 5 Elite colorimeter , I created a 3DLut profile for madVR , Watching a movie through from PC and TV . You see random streaks of yellowish more or less obvious spots, yellow beard, and so on ...It may be a problem of profiling and calibration performed badly?

Disable GPU Gamma Ramps must be enabled and / or disabled whit external 3DLUT files ?
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