Windows - HOW TO - Set up madVR for Kodi DSPlayer & External Players

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(2017-08-31 06:13)lexiconman Wrote:  Ok. So I've solved my problem above (I needed to have the "enable" radial button selected under Stereo 3D for "when playing 3D content"). I've now got a new problem however. If I only list 2160p options in display modes (I've got a JVC Projector that e-shifts to 4k) then my output is 2160p, scaled like I have it configured to. This works well for most of my sources, but obviously not 3D (since it's supposed to be 1080p23. But, if I add 1080p23 or 1080p24, then ALL of my videos default to that resolution BUT they still are scaled by MadVR.

The result is a 1080p screen that shows 1/4th of the total image of the movie since the movie file is being scaled to 4k. Any ideas?

I believe you have to create a separate profile within madvr for display modes for 3D content. I do not believe you can scale 1080p23 3D MVC to 2160p23, but I'm no expert and could be wrong. You could have a profile for 2160p 2D content and a profile for 1080p23 3D content. Someone else with more knowledge of this could chime in and confirm this.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
MB: Gigabyte X99 UD3
CPU: Intel I7 5820K
RAM: Crucial DDR4 16 Gb
DISPLAY: Vivitek H1186 3D Projector w/ 110" Silver Ticket Screen
AUDIO: Yamaha RX-A3050 Receiver /Audiosource Amp100VS(external amp) w/ Athena/Polk 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos/DTS X
KODI Version: v17.3 Dsplayer+MadVR w/ Aeon MQ7
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Yes, you are correct (I think), and I did make a separate rule for 3D content (so it doesn't scale), which means my 3D content plays ok. But, the problem is that any NON-3D content that I try to play (which should be scaled) gets scaled to 4k BUT the resolution of the projector is still 1080p. Sometimes if I go to windowed mode and then back to full screen it corrects, but most of the times not.
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