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(2016-04-10, 18:32)ss4johnny Wrote:
(2016-04-08, 12:55)DanCooper Wrote: Known bugs in Alpha 13:
- Mark new Movies/MovieSets/TV Shows/Episodes (red) does not work

I'm waiting for the first feedbacks before i compile a new version.

I'm confused by this. I just tried it and it marked new movies for me. (I was a little hesitant to try the latest too given how important that feature is). Didn't try MovieSets/TV Shows/Episodes.

Other comments:
1) When you remove a movie, it takes you back to the top of the list instead of in place. Kind of annoying.

2) I have the Kodi Interface set up (thanks to help from someone above) and I'm not sure if it is acting wonky or not. When I mark movies as watched in Ember, with the Kodi interface on, it doesn't mark all of them as checked. But then when I re-load them, they are checked. I think maybe it can't handle too many at once. Also, if I remove a movie from Ember, and then add it back, then Kodi seems to keep both. I have to then clean the library. One extra step.

3) Suppose I go to Edit Movie and select a different poster or fanart. I save the new stuff and it's fine. The next time I open up that Edit Movie poster box and click scrape, the original poster/fanart is what is the default selection. This means that if I hit okay instead of cancel, I just accidentally replaced the new art with the old art without clicking on anything. This needs a fix.

I previously mentioned that I would prefer click or double-click to be select image instead of the way it is now for those scrapers, but that's really just an enhancement.

There is an option to mark new media as "Marked" (red color). That one does not work.

1) I will take a look at this, maybe it's possible to change that.

2) Works for me, but only if "Retrieve Playcount from" is not enabled. Movies in Kodi will only be doubled up if you change the path or file name.

3) Rescrape always get a new image with our preferred settings. If you wan't that you have to enable "Keep existing" for each image type. But with this option enable you alway have to manually scrape if you want a new image.

4) For me it makes more sense to use double click for a preview, i use that mutch more that select an image.
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