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Finally tried out the new version, a few things I came across:

My laptop has a resolution of: 1366x768
During Image scrape I can not see past disc art, I assume its just landscape I am missing.
Also on the main window all images are not showing they are running off the side

In settings, under Movie, then scraper data, scraper fields global. The "limit" for certifications doesnt stick each time you go back to settings. If I set to USA and never go back into the settings it seems to stay but as soon as I go back to change anything it defaults back to any.

Pertaining to the image selection during single scrape: Do you always have to right click and select set image? Unlike before where one normal left click would select. Also is there a way to organize the images when scraped that it puts all of fanart.tv images first and then TMDB images would be below. Like last version.

I have not messed with tv at all yet, these are just the things I have noticed so far.
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