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(2016-05-19, 05:11)ss4johnny Wrote: I noticed an interesting behavior with the new Alpha. Not sure if it is new or not, but may just be the result of me now having the TMDB scraper active.

I was scraping some stand up specials. Normally they don't show up properly and I have to get the IMDB code to scrape. I normally hit cancel and then fill them in later. This time when I hit cancel it did a kind of partial scrap. It didn't have all the information, but it did have some of it. I'm guessing it was using the TMDB scraper for this information. I guess it was able to match with TMDB perfectly, even if it couldn't match with IMDB. Anyway, it managed to pull the IMDB code when it did this. So all I needed to do was re-scrape to get the IMDB information. I confirmed this by noting the plot outline came up and the votes for the movie increased substantially.

I kind of want to disable the TMDB scraper, but I also mostly like this behavior. I just have to remember what I hit cancel on (I'm not sure there's an easy way to identify that). I don't know how it works at a low level, but I imagine that after getting the TMDB code it looks up the IMDB code that matches with it. I'm curious if it would be possible then to try the IMDB scraper again, instead of TMDB. That would be very cool.

Yeah, thats a little bit tricky to handle. But I'm testing a new way to search and scrape media. I think we have to splitt all scrapers with a "search engine" (like TMDB, TVDB and IMDB) to a search and scrape part. Also I'm still working on a global API that every scraper can use, if a needed ID is not available. Example: Fanart.tv needs TMDB ID. If you only IMDB have enabled, the TMDB ID is not known and the Fanart.tv scraper can't get any image.
But as always, it's a lot of work to do all needed changes in our EmberAPI and all scrapers Confused

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