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(2016-05-19, 18:28)beesmyer Wrote: I'm trying to change the names of the images to just fanart.jpg, poster.jpg, logo.png, etc... I've deselected all options including kodi and use only the expert setting with the names for my images as listed above. I reload the movies and the images named like this show as present and are visible. But if I rescan the movie to update images it redownloads images and saves them as Filename-poster.jpg, filename-clearlogo.png, etc... Am I missing something or does this not work? My movies are in separate folders. I remember being told on this forum that naming images "filename" is preferred. But using the phenomenal skin and its dependence on artwork downloader is causing me to switch back. Also, if I have different posters in the same folder, one named "filename-poster.jpg" and one just named poster.jpg, kodi prefers the latter. Just poster.jpg. Using Jarvis. "Filename" being the name of the movie just for reference in case anyone assumes I'm off my rocker.

Yes, <filename>-imagetype.ext should be the preferred filename for all movie images (exept VIDEO_TS and BDMV folder structures). I've created a list of all filenames that Kodi use for export: Overview of filenames in Ember and Kodi

If you use Embers Kodi Interface, the addons ArtworkDownloader and also MovieSetArtworkAutomator (MSAA) are no longer needed. All images can by synced directly from Ember to Kodi.

I'm just working on a new function in Ember to cleanup and change all filenames from any schema/type to your preferred settings and delte the no longer needed or duplicate files. It's already working, but I still have to create a proper GUI. I think it will be available in next Alpha version.
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