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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
I just upgraded from to alpha 23 x64 and I see the tab to add subtitle files but when I click on Local Browse, I don't get a dialog box. Should I assume that this functionality is coming but not currently working or should it be doing something?

One other note for FYI, I configured the sync to connect to my localhost kodi install and the connection was successful but when I try to sync an individual title, I get an error Sync Failed. When I click on Get Watched, nothing seems to happen at all. My Kodi version is 17 beta 2. Again, if this is expected, then just FYI...

00:14.2    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_33_UpdateInfo_Movie.MoveNext    5    TRACE    [APIKodi] [New Host] UpdateInfo_Movie: "10 Cloverfield Lane" | Start syncing process...
00:14.2    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi.GetRemotePath    5    ERROR    [APIKodi] [New Host] GetRemotePath: "O:\10 Cloverfield Lane\" | Source not mapped!
00:14.2    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_27_SearchMovie.MoveNext    5    ERROR    [APIKodi] [New Host] [SearchMovie] "O:\" | Source not mapped!
00:14.2    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_33_UpdateInfo_Movie.MoveNext    5    TRACE    [APIKodi] [New Host] UpdateMovieInfo: "10 Cloverfield Lane" | NOT found in database, scan directory on host...
00:14.2    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi.GetRemotePath    5    ERROR    [APIKodi] [New Host] GetRemotePath: "O:\10 Cloverfield Lane" | Source not mapped!
00:14.2    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_33_UpdateInfo_Movie.MoveNext    5    ERROR    [APIKodi] [New Host] UpdateMovieInfo: "10 Cloverfield Lane" | NOT found on host! Abort!
00:14.2    generic.Interface.Kodi.KodiInterface    generic.Interface.Kodi.KodiInterface+VB$StateMachine_74_GenericRunCallBack.MoveNext    1    WARN    [KodiInterface] [New Host] [GenericRunCallBack] | Sync Failed:  10 Cloverfield Lane

Thank you for all your excellent work and support!
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