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(2016-10-01, 06:57)steve1977 Wrote: Just took another attempt to update to 1.4.8 with fresh install. I like it very much. Well done!

A few questions:

1) Is trailer scraping working? If so, which of the trailer sources?

2) NFO files don't work for movies with "part 1" in the file name, which are not multi-part movies (e.g., Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010).nfo). I assume there is some setting to fix this, but I cannot find it.

3) Is the "Kodi Interface" working and what does it do?

4) Any major known bugs that I should be aware of?


1) All trailer scrapers should be working. As a german user I whould use VideoBuster, as a english use i whould use Apple.

2) Known bug, should be fixed in one of our next Alpha releases. As workaround check this: Link

3) The Kodi Interface can sync all informations and images between Ember and Kodi. It's no longer needed to reload an item manually in Kodi if you change something in Ember. Also KI adds all unsupported images like ClearLogo or DiscArt and all MovieSet images.

4) the biggest bug is point 2), all other things are working in most cases. Latest Alpha 23 has a bug with runtime (is always 0 since new MediaInfo version), but that will be fixed in Alpha 24.

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