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(2016-10-03, 19:09)noonan2678 Wrote: Forgive me for note quoting...I'm mobile right now.

Yes, I know how to update library and that Plex will pick up the NFO files. I wanted to intentionally keep some individual episodes away from Ember but visible to Plex. Not knowing about the dir exclusion possibility, I had added only the show folders that I wanted Ember to see, into Ember.

Here's what I've done now. I just removed all of my TV Shows directories from Ember. So now, nothing listed at all. I created a dir within the root of my TV Shows drive named, "Plex." I added the shows that I don't want to scrape with Ember to it and left the rest the same. I added the
exclusion line to the AdvancedSettings XML, via notepad, as the following:

"<Setting Section="*EmberAPP" Content="None" Name="NotValidDirIs" DefaultValue="">extrathumbs|plex</Setting>"

I went back into Ember, added the root of my TV Shows drive and scanned. It didn't pick anything up. Maybe this is because everything was removed from the DB and it's skipping them. Is there a way to delete the TV Shows DB only in order to fix this? Is this caused by another reason
that I'm missing with a different fix?

Thanks again, I really appreciate the help!

First, you should always use the default string in AdvancedSettings and only add yours:
<Setting Section="*EmberAPP" Content="None" Name="NotValidDirIs" DefaultValue="">extrathumbs|video_ts|bdmv|audio_ts|recycler|subs|subtitles|.trashes|plex</Setting>
Otherwise Ember recognize e.g. each chapter of a DVD rip as single movie.

If I have understood correctly you now have the following:
TV Show Source: D:\TVShows, "contains only one tv show = false"

D:\TVShows\Simpsons\Simpsons S01E01.mkv or
D:\TVShows\Simpsons\Season 01\Simpsons S01E01.mkv

and also the modified AdvancedSettings?

You have nothing to do if you've used to remove button in Embers settings to remove the old source. You can try to use Tools => Clean Database and run another Database Update.
You also can chek the log file in .\Ember Media Manager\Log to see if there is a reason that Ember has not added or recognize your episodes.
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