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(2016-12-26, 08:55)leftywhat Wrote: Eh, so I spent like 30 minutes wondering why Kodi didn't update the library from the files/nfo scrapped with Ember (only tested one movie). For some reason, it just wouldn't find any new movies when I selected update library, I have no idea why.

My folder structure is basically movies\title name (year)\
Inside the title name (year) folder, is generally

----- MovieTitle_Year_Resolution_Bluray_x264_Scene.mkv
----- MovieTitle_Year_Resolution_Bluray_x264_Scene.nfo
----- Probably .idx and .sub for subtitles on occasions.

Now in the past, I use to use these settings in the old Ember...

Poster = movie.tbn (because apparently .tbn was the way to go, but it seems its not anymore?)
Fanart = fanart.jpg
NFO = movie.nfo

For this new version of Ember, I just followed komplex screenshots, except I use movie.nfo instead of <filename.nfo>. This allows me to keep the original NFO file that comes with your download most of the time. It there any reasons not to use movie.nfo / any advantages to use <filename.nfo>?

I also don't store actor thumbs, extrathumbs, extrafanart. I believe the actor thumbs are DL'ed from the net automatically, and stored as on C: somewhere inside Kodi, so if the same actor is found in a different movie, they simply use that same image, rather than having multiple duplicates in each movie folder.


Also, I really have no idea why the default settings of Ember did not scrape / find anything in Kodi. The silly thing is, I tried the default settings again, after changing from the "expert" settings, and it did find the new movies / update the kodi library, so that had me stumped as to why it didn't work the first time. I believe a poster a few pages back had a similar problem, so that was indeed strange.

Don't know what versions of Ember and Kodi/Xmbc you coming from but your naming scheme is old and legacy. Ember use the same as Kodi and it's been like this since the Frodo version come out.

For the actor thumbs, you don't need to download every picture, you can have an URL inside the nfo and both Ember and Kodi will use that

If you get Ember to recognise your current naming scheme you can let Ember rewrite everything for you to the new standard, you don't have to do it manually

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