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Here I Am again. Smile

Small background: I use EMM on my laptop where I have a copy of my movie/tv shows library; in order to update any change on my media center, I just use FreeFileSync program that just checks the differences in the size and time of files. If something is updated, these files are copied on the media center. The intention is that if I upate a nfo file (e.g. rating or best 250), just this one will be copied on the media center (inside Kodi I will just refresh the infos).

I have noticed the following points (using the 23.3):

- If I just open EMM, all the season posters of my TV shows are recognized by FreeFileSync as updated even if I don't make any modification to them or to any of the .nfo files;
- If I update the rating or the best 250 of a movie, all the related images (i.g. poster, fanart and actors) result as updated so that they will be overwrited on my media center even if they have not been changed at all;
- The same as above happens when I update the rating of a single episode of a TV show;
- If I update the rating of a TV show, the banner, fanart and poster result as updated...about actors images, honestly, I'm confused...a lot of them are just deleted (I guess these are the ones related to the episodes actors and guest stars) and just few remains (but do not match completely the actors list of the TV show in TMDB). If afterwards I update the rates of all the episodes, all the actor images that were deleted are downloaded again...and of course result as updated... Wink

In general, I'm expecting that if I update a nfo file (even more, just a field of it), only this one should be modified and nothing related to the images (it seems that the images are downloaded again...). Is there something that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance Dan for any clarification...as usual! Wink

P.S.: I have also noticed that when updating a single episode, the field <dateadded> is updated at the time of the modification...there is not a <datemodified> field as for the movies also for the tv show episodes?
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