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Hi Dan,

It is me again...Angel

I'm actually putting my hands on the Rate Update add-on in order to extend it to update also the TV Show Episodes rating and votes (actually, in fact, rating and votes are updated only at the TV Show level). The add-on uses IMDd site as source and thereore the knowledge of the IMDd id of the Movie/TV Show/Episode (e.g. tt3429842) is fundamental to have an efficient management, especially in case of huge collections. You would actually asking yourself what can EMM do in relation to this...well, as a starting point, EMM stores the IMDb id for all the mentioned contents; the point is that it uses "proprietary" tags.

The format used by Kodi to save the ids for a Movie is completely aligned with the one used by EMM:

Kodi format
<uniqueid type="unknown" default="true">tt2245084</uniqueid>

EMM format

Passing to the TV Show and Episode the way how the ids are saved changes; while Kodi uses the same format of a Movie (id and uniqueid), EMM does as reported hereafter:

EMM format for TV Show

EMM format for Episode

Would it be possible to have implemented the same approach used for a Movie also for TV Show and Episode (i.e. use <id> to save the IMDb id and <tmdb> to save the TMDB id; the latter will be anyway ignored by Kodi)?

This request is because the add-on uses the field <id> retrieved from the Kodi Movie/TV Show libraries. At the first run, since the IMDb id is practically not available (being stored in the field <imdb> that Kodi does not store), it performs an exhaustive search on the IMDb site based on the TV Show title, taking some time, providing a window to select the correct TV Show and, finally, store in a local database the IMDb id paired with the <id>. You can imagine what this would be in case of Episodes...

I really hope you can make such modifications. I don't think it will imply some issue on EMM side. Please send me a PM in case you would like to share with me a test .exe of EMM so that I will be able to progress on the add-on code.

Looking forward for your collaboration.
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