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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
(2017-04-10, 17:12)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-04-10, 17:07)axlt2002 Wrote:
(2017-04-10, 17:02)DanCooper Wrote: Yes ! :-)
There is a table called uniqueid. All IDs are saved in this table and linked to movies/tvshows/episode tables. There are no longer single field in tables movies/tvshows/episodes for an ID.

Tadaaaaaaa!!! This is the table associated to the export I have posted before...I leave to you the interpretation! Wink


Hmmm, looks not like the "deafult=true" value will be added as first. As you can see, the imdb id is listet before tmdb id. I've have to run some checks later today to find out, how Kodi remeber with one is the default id...
Thx anyway :-)

Happy to help you if I can. The only influence of the "default" I have noticed is that the <id> field in the .nfo will be equal to the <uniqueid> for which "true" has been set. This is what appears in the database in the movie details:


Keep in touch! Wink
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