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(2017-03-26, 04:14)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-03-26, 03:55)badbob001 Wrote: The movie search doesn't seem to work very well. I have the TV Movies option enabled for IMDB and I when I lookup 'Stepsister From Planet Weird', it find no match. When I search from imdb.com, it finds it and it's the only result.

So for most of my movies, I have to resort to searching it separately on imdb.com and then using the manual imdb entry field.

Will check that tomorrow. "Stepsister From Planet Weird" is listed as "TV movie" and should be found...
Did you have a chance to check if search works with TV Movies? It doesn't seem to work for me at all, despite it being enabled:
Movies > Scrapers - Data > IMDB > Scraper Options: [x] TV Movie Titles

To test, I simply select a movie and choose (re)scrape movie. Then in the search field, I try these movies with no or incorrect results:
Bad Hair Day
Cloud 9
girl vs. monster
Stepsister From Planet Weird
The Other Me

This is just a small sample, so most of my movies, I end up using Manual IMDB Entry.

In case it matters, my IMDB scraper options are:
[x] popular titles
[x] partial titles
]x\ tv movie titles
[x] video titles
[x] short titles
Force Title Language: USA
[x] Worldwide title as fallback
[_] Country-tag: save country abbreviations(s) instead of full name(s)

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