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(2017-06-17, 14:32)bobrap Wrote:
(2017-06-17, 08:54)Fail$tyle420 Wrote:
(2017-06-17, 05:43)bobrap Wrote: Just started using EMM a few days ago. I know it's still alpha/beta, but, is this really so unstable at this point. I get different error messages then the program crashes. The most common one I receive is "database disc image is malformed". Kinda detracts from a pretty good program. I know this is pretty vague by not listing all the errors. Thought I'd start with the main one I get most.

Are these options possible/available:
start in TV not movies
hide *all seasons
Hide watched shows/movies

Thanks for any help.

Something in your settings or your setup. Stable as a rock, using latest alpha on first page up until Komplex released a build somewhere on this page a few posts back. How are your folders setup? Are you connecting to a network source for your collection? If you go into the profiles folder located in the install directory you'll find your settings file. You could upload it somewhere and link back here and I'm sure dan would have no problems looking at for you!

As far as the specific questions, no you cannot do any of those. I would recommend using Dan's problem tracker/feature request page.

Thanks for the reply. My collection is located on a Unraid server. Folder for each movie and TV show/season. EMM is installed to D:\soft\Ember Media Manager BETA. Hopefully, Dan might offer some help.

Need a log. Please upload it on pastebin.com

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