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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
(2017-06-18, 13:49)shwetkprabhat Wrote:
(2017-06-17, 15:47)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-06-17, 15:36)bobrap Wrote: Talk about feeling like an idiot. Can't believe I didn't see the LOG folder. Blush Is the build you posted the same as the one posted earlier? Thanks for that.

First: disable the kodi Interface module or fix your settings (sources are not mapped). It's really hard to check a log that have ~140'000 entries and 14'237 error log entries with 99% error logs from Kodi Interface... Maybe you've fix that already.

Then please delete or rename the todays log to start logging from scratch. Then use Ember until you get the next error/crash. Than upload the log again.
It looks like bad timing between commiting latest changes to database and read something from it.

Hi Dan - I wanted to understand how kodi integration works with emm. Just started to use the latest alpha compiled by komplex, and I see your comments of path mapping and was wondering, before I connect my mysql database with emm, I know what I am doing. Some of the questions I have:

1. Could I use emm to refresh the entire kodi library, for example I update nfo using emm and then have kodi refresh it? Right now I have remove and add again to take refresh to take place.
2. The path mapping, as you mentioned in the post, do I need to do a special mapping to make library update work? I have all kodi clients using smb shares and emm is configured to run on windows using mapped network drives...

Any help or pointing to any documented resource would be awesome.

First, get the fixed version of komplex build, the first one has a bug: Link

The KI (Kodi Interface) sends all data to Kodi's JSON-RPC interface and Kodi save the data to the local or MySQL database. So Ember does not save any data directly into a Kodi database.
So you have to enable the webserver in Kodi and also allow "Controll by external applications".

Also you have to set all sources in Kodi as usual. If you only want disabeling autoscraping by Kodi, you can set the source scraper to "local NFO only". With this scraper Kodi adds only movies/episodes with local stored NFO and does not scrape any data from internet (that should be the job of Ember).

Sync with KI works as follows (e.g. for movies):
  1. get the database ID of the movie by path and filename
  2. if Kodi knows this movie, Kodi sends the ID to the KI and the KI continues with step 5
  3. the KI sends a command to Kodi to scan the movie folder (not the whole source, only that folder that contains the movie file to sync)
  4. the KI try again to get the database ID of the movie
  5. if the ID is known, the KI can sync the data. If Kodi can't find the movie, no ID will be returned and the KI abort the sync with an "not found" entry in the log

So for the inital work with Ember, KI and Kodi there are two ways to get a fast result:
If all or most of all movies already have a local NFO then disable the "RealTimeSync" in KI settings and load the whole database in Ember and in Kodi. It's faster to load the whole database in Kodi instead of let KI scan each folder individually. If both databases are ready, you can enable the "RealTimeSync" and manually sync all movies (select all entries => context menu => KI => sync) to write the additional images like Landscape, DiscArt ect. to Kodi. With "RealTimeSync" enabled, all future changes on movies will automatically synced to Kodi.

The mapping is needed to convert the "Ember path" to a "Kodi path". E.g. you have mapped your movie source to "Z:\" in Windows and used "smb://Server/movies" as source in Kodi, it's needed that the KI change the path while syncing. Otherwise Kodi can't find the ID and also the paths of images, trailers etc.
It works only if you have used the same source path in both, e.g.
Ember => Z:\Movies\Avatar\avatar.mkv
Kodi => smb://Server/movies/Avatar/avatar.mkv

With this mapping the KI simply search Z:\Movies in paths and replace it with smb://Server/movies, also change the \ and / if needed.
In the KI settings it's possible to add own sources, but in most of all cases the users use the same main paths in Ember and Kodi:

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