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(2017-06-18, 18:16)shwetkprabhat Wrote:
(2017-06-18, 16:48)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-06-18, 16:40)shwetkprabhat Wrote: Thanks! This is very helpful. I see under movie scrapper there are 2 options now, Kodi and Kodi addons, how are they different and I used the expert setting to save poster.jpg and fanart.jpg, others values like clearart etc were saved as such by default. Now I see alpha creates <movie-name>-fanart, <movie name>-clearart etc. How do I disable this and if possible cleanup the library as well.

<filename>-imagetype.ext are the default filename for Kodi. Will be disable if you disable the file name defaults for Kodi:

Kodi defaults will be recognized be Kodi without any addon. Kodi Interface use the same schema for filenaming like Kodi (<filename>-imagetype.ext), but will only be added if you use the Kodi Interface.
Kodi Addons are the default file names of the specified addon. Check this list to see with one use with file name: Link$

The Kodi Interface can sync ANY filename. If Ember knows the file name and recognize the file, the KI will send this path to Kodi.

Edit: Kodi deafults always use that name that Kodi use if you export the library to separate files. Cleanup will be a feature of the final/stable version of 1.5.

Ok - I understand this now, since I have been using artwork downloader for extended images, how to keep the same naming convention and also use the kodi interface real time sync, I believe I know the answer that I need to re-scrape the library to be able to use KI real time sync but it would be worth asking the question.

Also for Kodi clients to use the extended images for new movies I would need to run artwork downloader every time even though they are stored in clearart.png, logo.png format right?

Hi @DanCooper - just following up on this question, to add some context, all my movies have extended images as logo.png, clearart.png, they are downloaded by couchpotato, however for kodi client to use them I need to run artwork downloader, even though the images are in the movie folder. Will KI real time sync be used to update the library such that the logo.png etc are recognized by kodi without running artwork downloader every time a new movie is added.
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