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(2017-07-30, 19:09)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-07-30, 17:03)shwetkprabhat Wrote:
(2017-07-30, 01:54)DanCooper Wrote: 1. You have to use Settings => Misc. => Media List Editor to create an own SQL query. This lists can be used in filter tab (bottom of the media list). For examples see: Link

2. That means that all disabled NFO data fields will be cleared while scraping.

3. If you use expert settings you have to enabled this if you use Kodi. This setting saves e.g. a poster for avatar.cd1.mkv as avatar-poster.mkv instead of avatar.cd1-poster.mkv. If you use english movie titles I whould edit the AdvancedSettings.xml to remove issues with "part" in movie titles, otherwise "part" will be recognized as stacked file, even if there is only a file in folder. See: Link

4. Single means settings for movies that have separate/own folder for each movie, multi is if you have saved multiple movies in one folder. This setting depends on source setting "Movies are in separate folders".

5. Will be removed while scraping.

6. I would wait for the 1.5 Beta version if you really want rescrape 5k movies. This version will be released soon and have some optimisations that's needed to rescrape that much movies. ATM the changes on database will only be saved at the end of a multi-scraping process. That means if there is a crash while scraping, the NFO and local files will be changed/scraped, but the information will not be commited to the database.

Thanks and you are awesome! Few more follow up questions:

1. Is there a plan to add web-dl in the source filter?
3. I use kodi default for nfo naming, do I need to worry about stack naming in expert setting? Also where is the advancesetting file... do I need to create one?
6. I have been waiting for the beta for over 2 months, any eta on that Smile

1. I've to make the video source filter as dynamic list based on database entries, should not been a problem (now on my todo list: Link)
3. No, the "stacking" in expert settings is only needed if you use own file names in expert settings. The file names in Kodi Frodo defaults are stacked by default as needed.
3.1 The AdvancedSettings.xml is saved in your profile folder. See .\Ember Media Manager\Profiles\Default(or profile name).
6. I know... I working hard on all known issues to release the 1.5 Beta for feature freezing and get it stable. I have next week's vacation and hopefully enough time.

Thanks and enjoy your vacation!
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