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(2017-08-08, 02:09)pstrg Wrote: Why is Ember missing some nfos after I Reload All Movies? Shouldn't that find all nfos in the folders?
Reload All Movies reloads (rescan the movie folder for all local saved files) only movies, that already been in the database. New/not listed movies will only be found if you run a database update (Explorer => context menu => Scan for new content... runs also a database update just in that folder).

(2017-08-08, 02:09)pstrg Wrote: Statistics
Searched for suspect pattern in the Title field of existing nfos.
Of 1355 existing nfo files, 84 have the suspect pattern, meaning they have not been corrected (because they did not appear in Ember's list).
I don't understand what you try to say.
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