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(2017-11-14, 08:08)RobbieWilkes Wrote: Still learning my way around Ember Media Manager, but, thus far, it's been great.  I'm attempting to build all the information for the movies / tv shows stored on my NAS, so that, going forward, all of my Kodi HTPCs will have consistent, centrally managed data.

I do have a question, and, if it's been addressed, I haven't been able to find it.

Would it be possible to use the Aired date of television episodes in the DateAdded field?  Not sure if Kodi would require a minimum date, such as the one in DOS ( 1/1/1980 ), but, if not, then I would think it could be done fairly easily.

My reasoning on this is to ensure that when older series / episodes are added, one could have the choice to NOT have them overwhelm the TRULY new episodes in "Recently Added" lists.

This way, when adding the Batman 1966 series to my collection, those newly added episodes would not suddenly be the only thing I see when looking for the new stuff... unless I chose to make it so.

I've done a similar bypass when adding movie collections, by manually setting the Modified / Creation dates of each movie file to the movie's premiere date, but, needless to say, that would be overwhelming to do with a LARGE number of episodes.

Of course, now that I'm thinking about it... could the same option be added to set the DateAdded field for movies to the ReleaseDate?  Possibly even as an election during selective scraping of new additions?

Yeah, I know, I'm not asking for much.  :-)

Thanks for giving this some thought.
Please add it as feature request on our tracker. I think that should be (partially) possible. Kodi and Ember use the "Unix Time Stamp" to save the adding date (and others) to the database, but a negative value is also possible. Never tested in Kodi, but should be possible. You can find our tracker here: Link

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