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(2017-12-08, 23:50)noonan2678 Wrote:
(2017-11-13, 18:39)Fail$tyle420 Wrote:
(2017-11-13, 05:21)noonan2678 Wrote: Ok - did some more troubleshooting.  

Running 1.4.90 x64 nightly, have TVDB as the data scraper and all image scrapers selected.  Banners are checked in each case. When I edit the season and try to scrape for banners, it doesn't seem to find the ones that I already have scraped.  For the season's missing banners, it just returns nothing in each case.  I've tried this with several seasons of popular shows, so know it's not an issue of a banner not being available.  Also, when I right-click and try to re-scrape the season, it does nothing as well.  Just returns me to the main screen with nothing done.  

Any further ideas, guys?  I have NOT changed any settings since this was working.  Thank you!
What do you have set for naming in EMM?  
Where do you mean?  I just downloaded the latest nightly again and still the same result.  I'm still missing banners after a certain point in time, for what seems to be all shows, but also, re-scrape on a show season does nothing.  Really appreciate the help.  I can grab a log or link to some screenshots if that helps. 
 In your settings (Edit->Settings->TV Shows->Files and Sources->File Naming), what do you have for your filenaming conventions?  Are you using expert naming?  If so, did you put a filename for banner(or other missing artwork)?  If you upgraded from an old installation, make sure you check ALL of your settings as things may change.
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