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(2019-11-16, 04:14)CaptainKen Wrote: Ember Media Manager BETA 1.4.90-alpha.git.99933648 2018-12-09


When I run "Update TV Shows Only" it adds the 3 series back without error. However, the 3 episodes listed below are not scrapped. If I "(Re)Scrape Show" then I get the error.

I have not changed anything in Ember. Up until today these latest episodes the series scrapped without error. Other series episodes scrap fine with "Update TV Shows Only".

1) When I attempt to "(Re)Scrape Show" for either of these series I get this error.
- Shark Tank s11e07 (720p Web h264 DD 5.1 subs).mkv
- Stargate Atlantis s01e20 - The Siege (2) (720p BDMux DTS 5.1 subs).mkv
- Legacies (2018)\Season 2\Legacies s02e05 - Screw Endgame (WEBDL-720p x264 DDP 5.1 subs).mkv

"End of Central Directory record could not be found"

Here's what I've done to try and fix the errors following these steps:
- Deleted Stargate Atlantis series in Ember
- Deleted Shark Tank series in Ember
- Deleted Legacies in Ember
- Cleared All Caches
- Closed Ember
- Clean Database
- Closed Ember
- Updated TV Shows Only

2) When "(Re)Scrape Show" this series, this episode is causing this error even though the file is there. Deleting the actors.xml file makes no difference.
- "Could not find the file "C:\program files (x86)\Ember Media Manager BETA\Temp\Shows\extraction\actors.xml"

3) Why am I getting getting all the skipped alerts related to extrafanart and .actors directories? They were created by Ember.

4) BTW is "Sanner" misspelled?
2019-11-15 07:19:49.5684,EmberAPI.Scanner,EmberAPI.Scanner.ScanForFiles_TV,8,INFO,"[Sanner]

TheTVDB API broken after new website launched yesterday.

TheTVDB API response broken zip file (https://thetvdb.com/api/***/series/254123/all/en.zip) which cannot be opened.

TheTVDB API fix the broken zip file issue, but these is another issue.
The filename inside the zip file is changed that make Ember cannot find the series xml file.

|-- actors.xml
|-- banners.xml
|-- en.zip.xml

Ember needs en.xml, but TheTVDB API added .zip started from yesterday.
Don't know that it is permanent change or bug. Sad

Hope TheTVDB or Ember developer (if it is permanently) can fix it. 
No workaround solution except edit Ember source code and compile it yourself.
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